Friday, February 29, 2008

Pokeeta! ?What?

Ok, if you have never seen Chicken Little, you are so not going to get this blog! But more importantly, you don't have time to read this cuz you have more important things to be doing like, oh I don't know, WATCHING CHICKEN LITTLE! This movie is one of my favorate movies ever!
Yesterday was a classic Chicken Little day in our family! It started the night before at church, when our daughter, Emily, was brought to me by her teacher cuz she was having an accute asthma attack--(which by the way, I don't see anything ah cute about an asthma attack). Anyway, I went to my purse to get her rescue inhailer only to discover it was not in my purse. So the teacher said, would you like me to take her to the freezer? (Sure I thought, why not torture her by making her cold on top of shortness of breath and wheezing-----it'll be fun.) Well, I know that helps some people so I said sure, that would be great, I am going to see if Regina is still here, cuz I can just use Mackenna's inhailer for Emily, alas she was gone. So I said I'll call my pharmacy and get a refill on our rescue inhailer----Closed. I'll call doctor---advice---go home and get inhailer or take her to ER. OH yeah, Emily's still in the freezer, I go over and check on her, she looks at me and says, it still hurts, and it kind of smells like pizza in here. Great now I am hunger----focus MOM, Emily's having an asthma attack. So I went and got my husband to tell him we need to go home, many people steppe up to help us with adivce like give her a coke, that's what they do sometimes at some schools, it helps open them up?---Tried it, didn't work, now several people have entered the "oh, she the overreacting mom" mode and are telling she is fine, I listened, felt, and she is fine. Well, I told Tim, I want to go home, and he said why don't you go get her inhailer and bring it back, and leave Emily here, so I say ok---------cuz it would be silly to take her with me so she can get relief sooner. Anyway, live and learn , right? Anyway, by the time I got back her PFM was barely above 50, at 50 or below we have to go to the ER/Doctor Office for breathing treatment. Anyway, we got home finally and she went to bed still wheezing a little. At about 12:00, our son Jacob threw up on his brother Josh, cuz they were sleeping together for the night. At about 2:00 he threw up for the fifth and the last time. At 7:00 I got up to check on everyone, and could hear Emily wheezing from her bed while still in my room. So the day begins---my major problem---getting Emily to the doctor's office for a breathing treatment in a van that won't stay cranked,(my husband pointed out that I could always call 911 if the van stopped and Emily was having a major asthma attack! She would have to go to the ER alone, cuz they won't let you take FOUR KIDS IN AN AMBULANCE----NO THANK YOU!) but I can't call friends cuz I don't know if Jacob has the virus that no one wants. So after about 2 hours I finally get a plan in play and we are on our way to the doctor's office. Did I mention, I have had a headache for about three days? And my house is so messy that I will pretend to not be home if you ring my door bell? FOCUS! So sure enough Emily need a treatment. We got back home at about 2:00, very tired, and weepy cuz I am very tired! But on the bright side we now have the medicine, and machine we need to do treatment at home if this happens again. The even brighter side---the treatments make her very hyper!!!!!!YEAH!!!
Anyway, what does any of this have to do with Chicken Little, well in the movie the little out of space baby was trying to tell Chicken Little's dad where is parents were. He kept saying, POKEETA! POKEETA!--which means Mom and Dad! and all I wanted yesterday was to yell POOOOKEEEETTTTAAA, cuz then someone else is in charge and I can go take a much needed nap!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


On Tuesday Night I went to Covington to look at a van that was WAY OUTof our price range. Why? Well, because the sales guy said they had another one without all the things that made this one WAY OUTof our range at thier Dyersburg location, but he didn't want to bring it down if I hated the really nice one at the Covington location. So I went, with four kids to look out this van. We get there and at first I am not impressed (much). Then I load all four kids, and cars seats and stuff, shoes, jacket, keys,purse---you know--the norm. The kids are cold, I said give it a minute to warm up and I will turn on the heater. Before I pull out of the parking lot the heater is ready, how cool, actually warm, is that. So I test drive this van for about 15 minutes. The whole time I am listening to four little debt encouragers, formally known as my children, tell me why this is the "COOLEST VAN EVER!" If I had a dollar for every "coolest thing ever" on the test drive, I may have been able to pay cash for the COOLEST VAN EVER when we returned to the dealership. I pulled back into the parking lot and it was confirmed in my heart that I should not have driven the COOLEST VAN EVER cuz it was way out of our price range and there was no way we were gonna buy it so why, oh why, must I torture myself and kids. As I turned the engine off, told the kids to unload and reload in our borrowed van, I slide out of the COOLEST VAN EVER, said my tearful goodbye with promises to visit soon, only to see a grinning salesman looking at me. I very bravely and firmly said, that was a bad decision to drive this van. His smile faded and he said "You, didn't like it?" I said are ya nuts, of course I liked it! It's the COOLEST VAN EVER but it's not even close to our price range. The grin returned, and something that looked alot like dollar sign appeared in his eyes. I used my mommy voice and said, please don't make any advance purchases on this commission cuz we are not buying this van even if it is the COOLEST VAN EVER. I was firm, I was sure, Iwas confident-----and then I followed him inside to fill out the prequalfacation paperwork to see if we could get a loan. Why? you might ask. Well, duh cuz it's the (say it with me now) COOLEST VAN EVER! Seriously, we are not getting this van! I think that any time you can actually hear the money leaving your checking account before you have even decided to but something ----that my friend is a sing that is never a good thing!


As some of you may have noticed, I had a blog listed for my sweet friend Diane. However, it was not the correct blog, sorry for the mistake. You may be asking why is she telling us this? Weeeeeellllll, apparently it was not the kind of blog Diane would like to be linked to. OOOOOOPPPPPPPPSSSSSSS! I love her very much and she is so funny! When we talked, she said " I saw your blog and that you had my listed, well the funny thing is that's so not my blog. " Then she read a couple of the tittles and we were both laughing so hard we were hurting! So since I announced to the web, hey look at what my friend Diane likes, I feel obligated to say THAT'S SO NOT MY FRIEND'S BLOG!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oldies But Goodies

I have GREAT friends, I am so blessed! And I know it. Many of them have heard/read most of these, but Ithought--Yeah what makes you snort once might work twice, so enjoy!

Famous Quotes from my Family:

Mom: "We don't hit!" As I am popping Joshua's hand for hitting

Ashley: "There was a farmer had a dog and Nemo was his name-o. E-I-E-I-O"

Emily: "The people were waving thier trees in the air and saying Jalapeno" While teaching Easter story to her sister.

Emily: "All I did was roll over once, and fell out of bed twice" (Are your eyes twitching?)

Emily: "I feel a whole lot better than tomorrow" (We all had the flu)

Jacob: "If mommy doen't fall off the edge I am gonna say Phew, that was close" Eye twitching moment

Joshua: "Your are the best momma I've ever had"

Monday, February 25, 2008

???Could we, Nah!, Maybe, Nah!

Well, we went Saturday to look at some vans, because as I previously shared ours is a yard ornament. Anyway, we just decided to look and see what kind of vans were available for a price that would not require the selling of any body organs, such as a kidney---I mean you have two, but no we are not selling any body organs, and that's final.
We test drove four different vans, one we knew right away was wrong for our family. It could have been the pieces that kept falling off as we explored the van for any damage that confirmed it----- but I am not sure.
Needless to say our kids were having a blast. Riding in this one then that one. I could almost hear the song in thier hearts, "We're getting a new van, We're getting a new van, Uncle Jeramy won't have to follow us anymore, cuz we're getting a new van." (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell--kind-of-- What do you expect from kids!) Anyway we had lots of fun. As our trip was drawing to an end, our kids were a little disappointed that no new van was comming to live at our home, but over all they were handling it well. Then our youngest, Jacob, who is three, said Mommy, when our we gonna sell the brown van?----What's the problem you ask? IT'S NOT OUR VAN, A FRIEND LOANED IT TO US FOR A VERY SHORT TIME. Although, they do have four kids, and are very busy, maybe they wouldn't notice the missing van until the transaction went through----hum----NO, IT WOULD NEVER WORK! Maybe? NO, NO, NO. Can you hear the song in my mind? (to the tune of Farmer in the Dell) " We're not selling their van. We're not selling their van. I mean it, I am serious, We're NOT selling their van!"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ahhh, Memories of times past

Okay, I admit it, we have had some transportation problems, everyone has I am sure. The thing I think is very funny is that our kids have all these story about: "the time we had to walk home", or "the time we almost ran into the thing that hold the arm that comes down when a train is coming cuz our brakes decided they weren't gonna work--they were taking a break---HA HA HA, ok that was bad. But one of my favorites happened last night on the way to church. Currently our van in parked in the grass, and is not working. When this happens we talk a walk down the "Hey, mom do you rememeber the time we.........." road. Last night was no exception. A very kind friend loaned us a van to use until this weekend, so we were on our way and our daughter, Emily said: "Hey mamma, do you remember the time we had to go to the place and the really tall man had to ride home with us to take our van back to fix it?"--- I can't imagine why the shop didn't want four kids playing at the shop all day while they fixed whatever was wrong. Anyway, I said, I do remember that, Emily said "He was really tall, I mean it, he was just a tabpole taller that Bro Ian (our Children's Ministry who is very tall). I love kids, they say such funny things and bring some joy to things that might make your eyes twitch. I hope you all have great day.

Keep on keeping on........
In Christ

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hind Site

Our three year old son came to me a few days ago while I was on the phone with a very special friend. He had gotten hurt and wanted me to pick him up. So I did, and I felt something in his pants, so I said:"What is in your pants?" Loaded questions right? LOL! He said "Anything" Translation: "Nothing." I pulled his pants out and saw something green sticking out of his tiny bottom and so I do what any red-blooded, very tired, not thinking mom would do, I pulled it out. Only to discover that it was a green Polly Pocket Jacket, yes you heard, read, correct. I said, how did a polly pocket jacket get in your underware? He so very sweetly said: "Oh, I didn't mean to leave that there." Well, now that just explains everything, right? Ok not really but it will make an awesome, first girlfriend story one day!

Keep Smiling

Hello to all

Thanks to all my sweet friends that encouraged me to begin a blog. I finally did it and now I am blogging, I know, it is so exciting! My blog site tittle pretty much sums up my life, I am just a mom who is trying very hard to let her four kids and others see Jesus shining in her life. However, I don't always obtain this goal. Case in point, just a few short days ago the kids and I were having a tough day, week. It seemed that their mission was to make my eye twitch and my mission was to make it throught the day without blowing a gasket. Well, the kids mission was accomplished and my mission crashed and burned when I came into the living room after hearing counting. I entered the living room just in time to see our oldest son, age 9, leaping from the school table that he was standing, not sitting, but standing on, and our youngest son, age 3, jumping from the couch and barely miss each other in mid air. Say it with me now, Emergency Room Here we come. So I, in a very mommy voice say "EVERBODY FREEZE!" So now I have four sets of eyes looking at me, and I know I have their attetion, so I begin:" What are y'all thinking, all day you have been pushing me closer to the edge of my losing my cool. I am trying very hard to be kind, but I am about to lose my cool." To this our very funny 3 year old says: "If mommy doen't fall off the edge I am going to say Phew, that was close." Needless to say, we all started laughing, and I sensing I have just lost the battle, sent all to thier bedrooms for some "regrouping" time.

Hey, I know when I am defeated, it is very hard to laugh, cry and twitch at the same time.

The moral of the story: If God has givien you a natuarlly funny kid, be careful when using word pictures unsupervised.

In Christ,