Saturday, August 30, 2008

A day late and a dollar short

My sweet friend Regina and her family are moving this weekend and I went over to help her while all my kids except Jacob were in school. I am so excited for them cuz this house is going to be perfect for them (there are some little and big changes they will be making to make it perfect) Jacob and Gibson were playing outside and having a great time! They found some sand! Man they were having a great time! About two hours after we got there my son came to me a said "Gibson was playing and he didn't mean to but he dumped sand all in my hair, and I telled him I didn't want to get all the way dirty". I looked down at my sweet little boy and started laughing. Because it was very clear to me that long before the "accident" sand made contact with his sweet little head-------HE WAS FILTHY. On the bright side of things his eyebrows could be seen for the first time in his whole life. So we dusted the sand off so he wouldn't be "all the way dirty" and he resumed play!


My Goodness said...

HA!! 'Nice to meet your eyebrows, Jacob!'

How funny!

Jenny said...

Hi, LaDonia!

I think Regina got the house on Sassafrass. The Hinton clan looked that over when we were thinking of moving in all together. It is SO COOL! But I don't envy her the vaccuming. LOL!